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Are you looking to learn how to defend yourself but not sure what to look for?

“How do I know if this a good teacher or even a good club?”

A lot of people claim to do self-defence, but are actually doing competition orientated martial arts and these tournament styles are far from the reality based self-defence we teach.

We have nothing against any tournament styles and we see the benefits of participating in them, but it is our humble opinion that these competition orientated styles are eroding away the novice martial arts student who thinks he is learning in a martial arts class and then find he is only taught a tournament style.

We advise that you, if you are someone who is considering taking up a self-defence class, do as follows;

Do your research on all martial arts styles. Once you have decided on the martial art you want to learn, look for a dojo/club. Searching the internet is a great way to start off with.

Also consider the following aspects:

  • If it’s a good club or instructor, they wouldn’t ask for money upfront… Just walk away!!!
  • Look for a well-established club that is registered. There are lots of gold bricks out there who are not even registered organizations.
  • Ask to see the qualifications of the instructor. A decent instructor wouldn’t mind or refuse any novice asking.
  • Look at the associations the dojo and/or the instructor is affiliated with. Are they world recognized associations and/or registered organizations? You can always phone the associations and do a check.
  • Ask to sit in on a session, this way you determine if you will get on with the instructor, if you would like the martial art and if you want to be a member at the dojo.
  • The dojo should be clean and a high amount of discipline & etiquette should be in place.

If you want to start a self defence program with us then click on the button below:

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